A two-letter challenge for 2017

Here’s a challenge for you this new year, and it can be summed up in two letters.

It is the most dangerous two-letter word in history. It has the ability to shift societies and reshape continents. It can supplant ideologies and birth movements. It is the ultimate force for change.

While this word holds the ability to spur massive disruption, it is highly personal in its application. It is one person deciding at one time to follow a two-letter word. The small step that follows sets off the chain reaction that creates a marathon of events that can unsettle lives, transform hearts, and impact the course of someone’s or something’s future.

It is the most active of all verbs. Once it is in motion, you can’t stop it or even slow it down. It requires a torque that blasts past barriers and overcomes obstacles. The very nature of the word requires that you begin with the destination in focus.

You can’t overanalyze it or overthink it. You must simply respond to it. If you don’t, things stand still.

One word, two letters… It’s the most powerful decision you must make.

The challenge…Go.